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When fire meets the fox tails

God’s people love truth, and in November Doug Wilson shoots it (liberally) from a flamethrower. Expect blogs, live shows, and giveaways. In keeping with the festivities, Canon Press vows to give away a free Kindle book with every post from Pastor Wilson. This is the month where the fox tails of truth and hospitality are lit and the Philistines burn.

Here's what you can expect in november

Weekly updates from Doug on all that must burn

Free giveaways to apocalypse-proof your family

New LIVE show to meet other guides against cultural rot

First dibs on our biggest deals and discounts all year

We’re living in the Upside Down, Negative World, Creepy Clown World, the “New Normal”... whatever you want to call it.

Here at Canon Press, November is about equipping you and your family to thrive in Christ and apocalypse-proof your family in these dark times.

We'll give away so many goods you won't have to buy anything, but you do have to grab a baseball bat and help us defend the perimeter.

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Watch live show: Right Wing Twitter vs Doug

Get free books & stuff from Canon today

Pastor Douglas Wilson teams up with Christian publisher Canon Press on a mission to say it like it is, and to support you and your family in living out a Christ-centered life in these dark times.

We aim to outfit you in 3 ways this November...


Pastor Doug’s no-holds barred Blog

Doug has been roasting weenies on his blog for over 30 years. Novembers just get...spicy enough for the


Free Stuff

November is about blessing you as best we can. Free books from Canon Press, documentaries, etc. along with crazy discounts. We aim to equip you with ammo to fight creepy clown world wherever you are.


Premium content to equip your family

We’ll be dropping an essential new course for leaders of all stripes, and a family-viewing documentary on raising men. Get some popcorn and a blanket... we’ll bring the goods.

Dropping this November on Canon+


We gave away the exact flamethrower used in the video

The giveaway is now closed. Winner was announced Nov. 16! But you can still sign up for free stuff all November or buy it yourself.

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